West African Catholic Children’s Home Needs Your Help!


Pope Francis Children’s Home and School is a 501 c3 (IRS) For Purpose organization. It is a soon to be constructed Children’s Home and School in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. The Home and School is being built in cooperation with the Catholic Diocese of Ho. The Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church will operate the facility.


We are looking for a dedicated volunteer to write grant proposals for our Children’s Home in Ghana West Africa. The Grant Writer will write coherent, organized and compelling proposals. You will collaborate with the Director and team members to help us reach our goals. You will be provided the targeted foundations and organizations that we will seek funding from. A deadline driven team player that can multitask is preferred. 2-4 hours per week is required.


We are looking for a dedicated volunteer who can research individual Catholic parishes in a certain area. The purpose is to target parish groups/organizations/individuals who can share in our Children Sponsorship opportunities. Primarily contact will be made online, but some telephone calls may be required. You will collaborate with the Director and team members to help us reach our goals. 2-4 hours per week is required.

Parish Researcher (1)*: – Target a Dioceses (Ex: Venice Fl), research each parish online bulletin, locate each advertiser with “Parishioner “on the ad. Develop Excel spreadsheet. Locate phone #, website, email and mailing address of each advertiser.

Parish Researcher (2)*: – Target a Dioceses (Ex: Atlanta) research each parishes website and Bulletins for groups, organizations and leaders, seek email addresses.  A cover email will be provided to be sent asking to please share the Child Care sponsorship flyer with their members.

Aids Foundation Research*: – Search both domestically and internationally for foundations that PFHS may meet the criteria to receive funding. Develop Excel spreadsheet.  A guideline will be established to determine which foundations should be categorized.

 Recruit Volunteers*: -Target University Catholic Centers (State by State) Research larger (10 k) universities and all Catholic colleges for volunteers. Target Pastors, Campus Ministry leaders, Peer leaders etc. A cover email will be provided with info attachments.

 Acquisition Coordinator*: – Lead the effort to procure donated vehicles, equipment, etc. in the USA. A detailed description of materials is available. It will include researching corporate foundations of the desired materials.

 Communications/Public Relations*: – Responsible for writing and creating all forms of communication. Generate news releases to promote PFHS. Solicit media publications to expand PFHS mission. Detailed job description is available. 

 Family Foundation Researcher*: – Target a Diocese (Atlanta), Research Catholic Family Foundations, Develop Excel spreadsheet. Detail contact information, requirements and specifics.

 Grant Writer*: – Work with the Director to write Proposals to apply for financial Grants. Targeted organizations will be provided. Systemic templates will be originated. No experience necessary.

*This is a non-paying position. Time and hours can be credited toward service or academic requirements. Resume career builder potential.

CONTACT EMAIL: mbarry@popefrancishome.org     PHONE: (828)200-2827