Gabikpo Island School

Gabipko Island School is located in the middle of Lake Volta. Sadly Lake Volta is known for the trafficking of children for labor.  It is inhabited by 310 residents. There is no electricity  or running water. The school is an open pavilion that has approximately 40 students.  On our first visit there in July 2015, there was a teacher who had 2 books and 2 mobile blackboards. The children were sitting on the ground or rocks. They had no desks, paper,pencils, academic books etc. With assistance from Catholic World Mission we returned in October 2015 with 40 desks as well as school supplies and books. At the ceremony of the presentation of the donations the Queen Mother of the community stated “Many people have visited our home and stated they would return to help, but you are the first to do it.” We are currently providing school supplies and books each quarter.

Tsawenu school

Tsawenu school is located just outside Ho. It is pre-k through 9th grade. It is severely under resourced. Since July 2015,the Outreach Program has been providing school supplies and books to the school. Several of the orphans and vulnerable children in the program attend school in Tsawenu.

PFCHS Outreach is providing scholarships for students to go here!

Orphan V.K. before and after obtaining assistance from PFHS

Orphan V.K. before and after obtaining assistance from PFHS

PFHS helped a widow move from a straw hut to a new concrete home.

PFCHS gives orphans and young children the opportunity to succeed.

PFCHS is providing hungry children with the daily meals they need.